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Message from NIBA Executive:

Post COVID there is a strong possibility that there will be a need to drive recruitment across the County. The NIBA Executive Committee is keen to help all clubs and has recently contacted each of them to offer assistance.

We would urge all members to come forward with suggestions and encourage you to forward these to Brian Langton (

If you wish to read our correspondence with clubs with regard to this matter please click here.

Breaking news.    Light at the end of the tunnel?
EIBA have stated that with the positive news that we have a pathway to a return to normality,  that a full programme of 2021/22 competitions can take place next season. Please select the links below for further information.

EIBA National Competitions statement can be viewed here:


As members will know, the Presidential tour to Kent and Essex this year had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Alongside this, President-elect John Chester's health has caused him to step down from the Presidency. We all hope John's health will improve sufficiently for him to resume his bowling activities as soon as possible.

Though the forthcoming season will undoubtedly be a challenge for us all, the NIBA executive are hopeful that President-elect Peter Mellor will be able to lead a tour party to Yorkshire/Notts in 2021. Peter hopes he will have the support of many members for his tour, as has been the case with former Presidential tours in previous years.

A number of members have paid a deposit to secure their place on this year's cancelled tour. Peter hopes that most will be happy to have their deposit carried forward to next year's tour. If, for any reason, any member wishes to have their deposit refunded, they should contact Richard Somerton accordingly.

This coming season will be unlike any year in recent memory. However, the NIBA executive committee is anxious to support clubs and their members through the challenging times ahead. We want to look forward to the 2021/22 season, when we all hope something approaching a more normal amount and range of indoor bowling, at both club and county level, will be possible.

Full details including costs to follow.